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In 2012 Nike has put running back on the map like no other sportswear brand. Most interesting for us was their new approach to the sport, which was less about making specific global goals, but much more personal. Running 5km a week is still better than not running at all. Achieving 3000 fuel points a day is better than only getting 2000. No matter how much, more sport is better no matter how you look at it. A stand that we can only agree with. They started a global running movement and it was fascinating to see how the world around us, in our own environments, got effected by it. Also the strong connection between running and lifestyle was emphasized, with running shoes making a strong comeback off the track, both in the form of vintage trainers, but more importantly with innovation.

In 2013 Nike is back and tries to continue to reinvent the sport. Our Highsnobiety and Highsnobette teams decided to participate and therefore We Will #MakeItCount too. A bit of running certainly will not hurt us, with all the hours we spent behind our computers. We decided to set ourselves the goal of running 50km in January 2013. You will be able to see the progress of our running through our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels and at the end of the month we will give you a full recap of our experience. We will track our experience with the Nike+ Running App.

In the gallery above you can check out the new Nike Running 2013 We Will #MakeItCount Campaign.

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