Following our first look at the new NikeLab ACG collection and then a detailed run through the latest offerings, we present an informative interview with the collection's head designers. Taking place at Nike's 1948 location in London, Matthew Millward, senior Sportswear design director, collaborated with Errolson Hugh, co-founder and designer of Acronym, on the design of the new NikeLab ACG collection. The two gave us a rundown of of the revamped ACG line's philosophy and the accompanying clothing's key features. At the center of the collection's all-black silhouette is the "neutral" stance taken from martial arts, while any sort of urban necessity is taken into account as well. As the Nike Senior Design Director explains it,

“We needed to ensure that the silhouette serves the needs of the urban athlete and, more importantly, that movement of the body is never restricted. Bulky items are hidden and kept close to the body, securely stowed. The head-to-toe look should always remain clean by keeping design lines continuous and simple.”

Find out more in the video above and look for the NikeLab ACG collection to launch on December 18 at in North America, Western Europe and Japan. The collection will also be available at the following retail locations: NikeLab 21 Mercer NYC, NikeLab DSM NYC, Niketown New York, NikeLab 1948 LDN, NikeLab DSM LDN, NikeLab P75 Paris, NikeLab LNZ1 Milan and NikeLab DSM Ginza in Tokyo.

Shop the full collection now online here.

Video: Jordan Buck

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