The success of the classic Mini NES and mini SNES has already piqued the interest of Nintendo to reintroduce more of its classic video game systems due to the high demand for its nostalgic devices.

While earlier reports this summer suggested an N64 mini might be on the way, the Japanese tech company is planning to reintroduce the Game Boy Classic once more after a recent trademark filing by Nintendo back on September 15, according to AnimeNewsNetwork.

First discovered by Twitter account @trademark_bot, the trademark in question describes it as a "program for home video game machine" and features an image of the first Game Boy that originally debuted in 1989.

With the NES Classic re-releasing in Summer 2018, the return of the Game Boy Classic might not appear until 2019 and it's expected to be smaller than the original while including between 20-30 games, as 1,049 games were released for the handheld.

In other news, Stranger Things’ gets its own 8-Bit mobile video game.

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