Nintendo has unleashed a quirky new DIY cardboard accessories kit dubbed the Labo for its Switch console, effectively transforming the machine into a mini arcade.

Nintendo has never shied from outside-the-box thinking when it comes to improving the video game experience in the past, with its latest hands-on venture sure to make waves in the gaming world. Intended to tackle three primary objective — make, play and discover – the additional accessories allow users to transform the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into everything from a piano to a full-on robot suit.

With a younger market in mind, these hand-built accessories can then be used to control a variety of mini-games. Promising a new kind of interactive play experience, the kit includes a Nintendo Switch cartridge, a series of cardboard sheets, customizable stickers, and a number of other building accessories such as string and plastic connectors.

To some, the release might seem like a flimsy gimmick, but Nintendo insists Labo taps into a new market of creative gaming. Available from April 20 in two versions — the "Variety Kit” and "Robot Kit" —initial pricing for the Nintendo Labo starts at $69.99.

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