Fresh details suggest Nintendo's NX console will be a high-powered handheld that can plug into a TV docking station, features two detachable controllers and will use cartridges to play games.

Eurogamer reports that a number of sources have told them that Nintendo's pitch is simple - that you can "take your games with you on the go." The NX will primarily be a portable device with its own built-in screen, but it will also feature a radical design that includes controllers that can detach from the device. You can then use the controllers to play games through your TV using a docking station.

The report also states that the NX will use some kind of cartridge in place of discs, like Nintendo's 3DS handheld, and that it will also be powered by Nvidia's Tegra mobile processor.

Fellow video game publication IGN has claimed to have verified Eurogamer's report, but we still don't have much official information. All we know is that it will launch in March 2017 and will be home to the next Zelda adventure. Nintendo plans to officially unveil the NX in September.

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