Nintendo of America's president and chief Reggie Fils-Aimes is stepping down after holding the position for over 15 years, ABC News reports. He will be replaced by senior vice president of sales and marketing, Doug Bowser, and the internet is struggling to handle the fact that Nintendo will now be ruled by a guy with the surname Bowser.

Of course, the irony of the situation isn't lost on anyone who has basic knowledge of the franchise: the character is Mario's primary antagonist and has served as his arch-nemesis since he was first introduced to the game. The irony isn't lost on Doug Bowser himself either, who posted a picture thanking everyone for the welcome with Mario and Luigi tied up in the background.

Check out how the internet is reacting to the news below.

Something sinister is afoot...

Finally some "Real Gaming News"

Bowser turning up to work like

Is this actually happening?

The jokes are getting old already

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