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Brand: NOAH

Season: Winter 2017-18

Key Pieces: Hoodies, long-sleeve tees and patch

Editor’s Notes: After linking with Union for an “Anti-Nazi” capsule this past fall, NYC’s NOAH continues the movement of promoting racial equality, as the brand just released a set of hoodies, long-sleeve tees and a patch that were previously available at ComplexCon only.

The range pays tribute to the Anti-Nazi League, which was started in the United Kingdom in 1977 to oppose the far-right groups that were starting to gain prominence at the time.

The Anti-Nazi League’s arrow is featured prominently on the apparel, as it symbolizes its stance for justice and equality wherever and whenever.

With prices ranging from $6 USD to $148 USD, find the entire line at NOAH’s flagship and online store now.

Previously, NOAH and Keith Haring joined forces on sweatshirts to help the charity organization, Save the Children.

  • Images : NOAH
Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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