As regular readers will attest, we at Highsnobiety have been hyped about the resurrected Nokia 3310 for quite some time. After much speculation, the Finnish tech giant has today unveiled the first confirmed images of the handset.

As strong and sturdy-looking as we remember, the classic has been updated with several technology upgrades and is described as "a head-turning modern twist on one of the best-selling feature phones of all time." By that, Nokia is alluding to new features such as a 2.4-inch color screen, 2 MP camera, rounded corners, and an updated user interface.

This being 2017, the phone also comes equipped with basic web browsing capabilities which allow the user to get online. This means the iconic Snake game will be playable with friends on Facebook Messenger. And you needn't worry about draining your battery by doing so — the 3310 can last on standby mode for an impressive 31 days with 22 hours of talk time.

Unlike before, the brick also comes with a slimmed-down USB charger and a headphone jack for music. The best bit, however, is the price; the phone will retail in Q2 of the year for just $50. Yes, $50. That's less than most monthly smartphone contracts.

Check out the phone in red, yellow, dark blue and grey colorways in the video above, and let us know how you feel about its return in the comments.

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