Nokia has partnered with South Korea's Kolon Industries and Gina Software for a new high-tech jacket designed for rescue workers, reports Hospodářské Noviny. The garment, which is noticeably on par with the current industrial trend, will be made by Kolon, thus featuring Nokia electronic devices and Gina's mapping software.

The jacket then informs of the wearer's heart rate, as well as the temperature, all while boasting an SOS button and a built-in LED display. Employers will also be able to track the status of their workers, gauging workflow, completed tasks, and various other aspects.

"The jacket should have the advantage of being able to add new sensors to it as easily as possible," adds Sae Yong An, the head of product development at Kolon Industries.

The price of such a "smart" garment will vary depending on the featured technology. Hospodářské Noviny points out that the first contract is still under negotiation for South Korean security forces.

This isn't the first time that Nokia has ventured into outerwear, however. The company has also worked alongside Stone Island for a special edition jacket.

For more on this innovative outerwear from Nokia, Kolon, and Gina, visit Hospodářské Noviny.

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