Startup company North has unveiled its first product with Focals; a pair of custom-built glasses that bear a transparent, holographic display that only the wearer can see. The company also opened its first showroom in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, where customers can experience the smart spectacles.

Unlike traditional eyeglasses, Focals allows you to receive a variety of notifications, as well as respond to texts, check the weather, request an Uber and many more by just glancing at the holographic display built within the lenses. A demo of how it works is featured in the posts below.

Additionally, the showroom in Brooklyn — designed by award-winning architectural firm Envelope A+D​ — offers 7,200 square feet of minimalist and industrialist aesthetic to mimic the clean design of Focals, while emphasizing its technological core.

With pricing starting at $999, Focals are custom-built to your exact measurements and currently offered in two styles, with three colors to choose from. The introductory offering includes a pair of Focals, a loop, Focals services, charging case, and sun clips. Orders for Classic frames will be fulfilled before the end of 2018, while orders for Round frames will ship in 2019.

If you're located in Brooklyn, you can also try out Focals by visiting the new North Showroom starting Wednesday, November 13 at 11 a.m. EST. The official address is listed below.

North Showroom 178 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

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