Photographer and writer Oliver Wainwright is the administrator of the North Korean Interiors Tumblr that highlights eye-catching interiors of the East Asian country. Wainwright launched the site after his first trip to North Korea, noticing a common theme throughout much of the area's establishments - they look like they're straight out of Wes Anderson films. Furnishings and decor are generally symmetrically calculated, and there is a focus on Soviet-era fittings.

In speaking on the interiors of many North Korean establishments, Wainwright revealed, "There is a peculiarly consistent style of preschool color schemes … a symphony of pastel-colored confections iced with curvaceous plastic moldings… Kindergarten kitsch is the logical next step for a regime intent on projecting an image of carefree prosperity. It is architecture as anaesthetic, a powerful tool for the state to infantilize its people.”

To see just what he means, scan through the imagery above. For a further look be sure to visit wainwright's Tumblr.

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