The "Balenciaga IKEA tote" sparked a maelstrom of media controversy ever since it dropped online, and you can read what the fashion industry really thinks about the now infamous Balenciaga accessory here. Now, there’s a trending wave of upstart labels churning out their own makeshift ensembles made from IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA tote bag.

However, it's worth noting that for many designers, reworking the gloriously pedestrian 99-cent IKEA tote bag is nothing new. In fact, Australian designer ALCH has been doing it since 2013.

Amidst the onslaught of blue polypropylene ‘fits clogging your Instagram feed, there's one you might have slept on, and this ingeniously simple hoodie by LA-based brand Norwood Chapters might just be the best IKEA bootleg yet.

Norwood Chapters has been reworking the FRAKTA bag into their mainline collection, long before IKEA bootlegs were trending on the ‘gram, so don’t be quick to dismiss it as yet another brand jumping on the now-ubiquitous trend.

While the hoodie itself is made from a medium weight terry fabric, the hood is made from the waterproof FRAKTA tote, making it a practical sartorial solution for spring’s inevitable rain showers. You can even cop the matching sweats too for a full look homage to everyone’s favorite Scandi superstore.

Let us know what you think about the IKEA bootleg trend and Norwood Chapters' effort in the comments below. Want more fashion news? Check out Places+Faces' debut magazine featuring Frank Ocean and Lil Yachty here.

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