Silversmiths Nove25 have opened their new Milanese space with a jewelry collaboration with cult tattoo artist Mirko Sata and a psychedelic bathroom installation from Pauly Bonomelli AKA @himumimdead. Bonomelli (who has created disruptive one-of-a-kind fashion pieces for the likes of Kanye West) combined his aesthetic with the occult designs of Sata and transformed Nove25’s new Milan HQ into a piece of dystopian downtown NYC nestled into northern Italy.

Nove25 are known to collaborate with countercultural figures and for this new collection titled ‘Ophis’, they tapped Mirko Sata, a core member of the Satatttvision Tattoo collective whose iconic snake designs have become a reason to fly into Milan in itself.

Sata translated his zodiac designs into a brushed silver collection made up of rings, bracelets and pendants, achieving the immaculate level of detail that spawned his dedicated online following. Mysterious artist Pauly Bonomelli created the psychotropic bathroom which he covered in crystals, poems and satanic references. The trippy space calls to mind some of Pauly’s more notable pieces including his work with VLONE, and some esoteric fits as worn by A$AP Rocky.

Check out the collection (and the neon ouija board urinal) below.

Words by Max Grobe
Associate Fashion Editor