If you’re at work right now (or hanging with the kid nephew) and decided to ignore the “NSFW” in the title, we urge to you return to the home page. Sure, we showcase some sexy Agent Provocateur editorials every now and then but this is taking our content to new levels of sexy — or soft pornography. Maybe closer to the latter.

Australian soul band Movement produced one of the sexiest and most intriguing music videos of the year, and has a few awards to prove it. A young French couple is found throughout the short in a series of sex positions, often frozen in a motionless ecstasy-like state. All of the sudden, we find ourselves engulfed in a dripping fury of psychedelic colors and sounds, and the male partner seems to drown. Honestly, after the first watch, we were damn confused, but more importantly, entertained. That’s why we gave it another watch right after. See the video above and watch more at Nowness.

Words by Thomas Welch