Seville-based artist Dionisio González reimagines New York City's iconic skyline and Central Park in his latest photography exhibit at the Galerie Richard New York -- an international art gallery which shows work from established and emerging contemporary artists.

Consisting of two parts -- "Thinking Central Park" and "Dialectic Landscape" -- González occupies the landscape with four refuges based on visions by Walter Benjamin, Robert Smithson, J.D. Salinger and Lady Gaga. As they don't have an obvious specific use, the people in the park are intended to feel comfortable using and engaging with them as part of the wonders of Central Park.

Contrarily in "Dialectical Landscape," González creates empty spaces for recreational or mobility purposes, built within the existing landscape of New York City. Depicted in black and white, the images evoke a radical re-conception of the cityscape, such as the extension of Central Park downtown on top of the buildings, another Central Park on top of Buildings directed West-East Manhattan, Super High line pedestrian elevated paths, elevated modern subways at high speed, and more.

If you're near or traveling to NYC, you can view the exhibit at the Galerie Richard New York until Sunday, August 27, 2017.

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