While the term "clout" has gone mainstream, and also with the help of Lil Uzi Vert’s recent single of the same name -- the term essentially suggests having influence or being famous, and with streetwear a dominating force especially in NYC, enabling those with the hottest gear such as sneakers and clothing to simply have a form of following or impact -- an emerging menswear hub at the corner of Mercer and Howard is becoming the place to be for fashion-savvy men and some women, in order to gain some of that "clout."

Stores like Stadium Goods, VFILES, Billionaire Boys Club, Palace Skateboards, NikeLab 21M, and OFF-WHITE are known for their clout exclusivity, which have created an outdoor mall for young people who are obsessed with the hype. As The Cut simply puts it, this particular area in SoHo has become a "Clout Corridor," where young people are linking, building, buying, and essentially being clout chasers.

The lifestyle publication further investigated these young "clout chasers" in the SoHo area, and here's an overview of the demographics and their clout level.

Grant Halpern (age 13), shopping with his mom, wearing BAPE and Supreme.

...on which stores they shopped at and what they purchased.

GH: "We went to the Off-White Em Pty Gallery on Mercer, then we went to Palace, and then we came to Stadium Goods. I bought a hoodie from the new Off-White collection. It was the cheaper collection, so it was $170 instead of, like, $600. And I got the Pot Palace T-shirt."

Austin Butts a.k.a. Asspizza (age 19)

...on his thoughts about the area while rocking The North Face, Carhartt, cargo pants from a friend, Nikes from eBay.

AB: "I used to hang out in Soho in 2014 and 2015, but now I’m not really around here a lot. I come back like twice a month or something. Back then, it was just a place where all the kids would go. We really wouldn’t buy anything, because we didn’t have money. We were just fucking around, basically. We’d meet at Prince and Mercer. You could sit outside the Mercer Hotel and get free Wi-Fi and people think you’re important because you’re sitting outside the Mercer Hotel."

Ellison Baus (age 15)

...on how often he visits this area.

EB: "I’m here at least three or four times a week. It’s where I feel like I can be myself and walk around in a wild outfit and not have to feel like, Oh my God, how am I going to sit like this in class? I can be me here."

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on The Cut.

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