Even though things are changing with longer videos, algorithm changes and more, Instagram continues to surge as today’s premiere social media network, having surpassed 400 million users late last year. Of course, your feed is only as good as who you follow, so a strong set of accounts is paramount in getting the most out of Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a bit of eye candy, IG is packed with incredible imagery from all over the world.

Switching up our on-going 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow feature once again, this week team Highsnobiety looked to New York City and chose five of their favorite local NYC personalities on Instagram. Be it portraits, landscapes, architecture or fashion, each of these accounts share amazing photos on a regular basis, so you’re sure to find someone new to keep your feed interesting.

Read on for our New York picks.

@1st / Followers: 352k / Joined: 2013

Favorite NYC account to follow: @itsarazelly - She shoots everything without bias and there's something to be said about having that kinda freedom in photography.

Favorite place to shoot in NYC: My fav place to shoot is LES because it's so active, dense and diverse. It also still looks like old New York (somewhat) so there are moments where shooting here can feel like a time machine.

Favorite place for shop for clothes in NYC: Fav place to shop is SoHo but mostly on weekdays because the weekends are a shit show. Everything from high end to street is located here, so you've got every look and price range covered.

Footwear of choice: Favorite kicks are the adidas Originals NMD because they're clean looking, slip on effortlessly and are super cozy. Just throw them on and be out.


@jerm_cohen / Followers: 138k / Joined: Unknown

Favorite NYC account to follow:@jnsilva - He shoots a mix of moody street/landscape/portrait work in the city that just keeps getting better.

Favorite place to shoot in NYC: Along the Williamsburg waterfront while the sun is setting.

Favorite place for shop for clothes in NYC: Topman. Last time I was there, J Beibs happened to walk into the store at the same time. But more importantly they always have some funky shirts that I dig.

Footwear of choice: For summertime, I'm usually rotating between my Vans, Air Max, and Crocs.


@96wp_ / Followers: 45.2k / Joined: December 2012

Favorite NYC account to follow: Simply @13thWitness - he’s one of the best and continues to raise the bar everyday.

Favorite place to shoot in NYC: Financial District

Favorite place for shop for clothes in NYC: Kith

Footwear of choice:​ adidas Ultra Boost


@seandshoots / Followers: 108k / Joined: In the first weeks of it hitting the App Store

Favorite NYC account to follow: I have so many highly respected accounts I could list but one of my favorites and most refreshing feed to see is my buddy @novess. He makes me see our city in a new light.

Favorite place to shoot in NYC: Depending on what I’m going for I like to stay downtown for the most part. You have so much diversity in such a small area. From LES to Chinatown to SOHO to FIDI.

Favorite place for shop for clothes in NYC: I’m pretty basic. I wear ripped jeans and a plain t just about everyday. I really like City Hats though.

Footwear of choice: Always in some Ones.


@visualmemories_ / Followers: 346k / Joined: September 2011

Favorite NYC account to follow: My favorite account to follow from NY definitely is @Oveck. The reason why he is one of my favorites to follow is because he's very diverse. I love the way he brings this cinematic and story telling vibe through his editing style and his particular way of how he sees New York and people.

Favorite place to shoot in NYC: Financial district (Wall Street) is a favorite place for me to shoot because everyone is minding their own business. Everyone is so busy and rushing to work, and I like to capture people within those moments. I get to be invisible because no one is paying attention to me taking their photo.

Favorite place for shop for clothes in NYC: AllSaints store.

Footwear of choice: adidas Ultra Boost


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