After tapping Justin O’Shea for a motocross-inspired capsule, Oakley now presents its latest sport performance eyewear, the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket, designed to meet the performance needs of top cyclists around the world.

Enhanced with aerodynamic engineering, the Flight Jacket is defined by a striking open-edge brow that maximizes the upper field of view, while the Field Jacket boast a dual lens construction, designed for athletes with prescription needs.

Both pieces are also equipped with the world’s first airflow innovation that combats fog and overheating, with the Oakley Advancer. Through this tech, it allows riders to harness cooling airflow on demand with the simple pull of a toggle, letting athletes focus on their performance and not the conditions around them. Furthermore, the eyewear boasts Oakley Prizm lenses, which is engineered to dramatically enhance detail and help improve performance by providing ultra-precise color tuning for specific environments.

For more, view the video below, as the Flight Jacket and Field Jacket are now available globally at Oakley retailers, select stockists and online.

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