Oculus has announced a new standalone category so that you no longer have to fight with cables or use your mobile phone while experiencing VR. Designed for everything from watching movies and concerts to gaming or just hanging out with your friends, Oculus Go is a lightweight, all-in-one device that makes use of a new soft and breathable fabric to prevent irritation.

Thanks to a high-resolution fast-switch LCD screen, visual clarity is drastically improved, while the next-generation lenses offer a wide field of view with noticeably reduced glare.

In addition, Oculus Go boasts speakers built directly into the headset, and there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

Retailing for $199 USD, Oculus' new standalone headset is scheduled to ship early next year.

In other tech news, BlackBerry has launched its new keyboard-less Motion smartphone.

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