Slovenian studio OFIS Architects has created this aluminum-clad refuge cabin, perched high on the edge of a mountain with jaw dropping 360-degree views of Slovenia and Italy.

The studio worked with local structural engineers CBD to create the cabin, named the "Kanin Winter Cabin" because of its location on Mount Kanin in Slovenia, which is designed to offer climbers shelter from the extreme weather conditions of snow, wind, rain and ice during the winter months.

The tiny cabin is only accessible by climb or helicopter (it took the team three attempts to transport the materials up there in a chopper) and only has room for nine people. The 9.7 sq m cabin is tiny and the decoration is limited to just one hunting trophy of a pair of deer antlers — not that you'd care in the middle of a storm.

The project was commissioned by the nearby town of Bovec and the Slovenian Mountaineer Association. Check it out above.

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