While Bitcoin is still the OG cryptocurrency, new variations of the digital currency have grown this year, as billionaire Uber co-founder Garrett Camp recently launched his “Eco” cryptocurrency, and now late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard has his very own with “Dirty Coin,” reports Pitchfork.

While the rapper isn’t the first from Wu-Tang Clan to release a crytocurrency, Ghostface Killah launched the CREAM coin under his firm Cream Capital last year, with the word as an acronym for (Crypto Rules Everything Around Me).

With Dirty Coin, fans will be able to access exclusive merchandise, ODB’s music catalog, tours, and shows, in addition to funding projects for the late musician’s son, rapper Young Dirty (Barsun Jones).

“Bitcoin is the future of money and all the fans want a part of the future of Ol’ Dirty Bastard,” Young Dirty said in a statement. “In the past, dad’s music was ahead of its time, so it makes sense that he would be ahead of the technology of money now.”

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  • Source: Pitchfork
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Words by Renz Ofiaza
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