The latest "Old Town Road" remix to grace our ears is from Diplo himself.

Diplo's set at Stagecoach 2019 last night featured the first-ever performance of "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.

"Old Town Road" managed to hit No.1 on the Billboard charts before Lil Nas X had ever performed the hit live. Last night, however, he performed the remixed version with both Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo.

The DJ and producer added his trademark sound to the surprise 'country trap' hit, which blew up first on Soundcloud. Listen to the official remix below.

Diplo is fully embracing the Yee-Haw trend lately. Most recently, he wore a truly amazing yellow cowboy outfit to Roc Nation's Roc da Court all-star basketball game earlier in the week.

Check out the Stagecoach announcement from back in February for more Cowboy Diplo.

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