Omura, a brand new sustainability-driven cannabis technology and design company is dropping a new line of vaporizers that are reinventing the vaping process. The Omura Series 1 precisely heats pre-filled .125 grams of whole flower cartridges using heat-not-burn technology which ensures customers are vaping nothing but clean cannabis in its purest form - instead of causing burning, charring, or ash.

The Series 1 also creates a more controlled user experience thanks to the pre-filled flower cartridges, allowing users to control the exact dosage taken. No more grinding, cleaning accessories, or mess. The paper cartridges are also biodegradable and compostable alongside the flower being truly premium with no trim or stems.

The Omura Series 1 launches on May 20 for $99. Separate cartridge packs will be available for $30 each. For more information on the vaporizer, head over to the Omura site.

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