Could you imagine a house being built into a cliff overlooking the ocean? Well, OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) have come up with an incredible conceptual home residing cliffside on the Aegean Sea.

The Casa Brutale is a focus on aesthetics, structure and engineering, as it is surrounded on three sides by utter earth. The fourth side boasts a wall entire made of glass, awarding with a magnificent view of the sea. The structure has been constructed from wood, concrete and reinforced glass, with nothing extending above ground level.

To enter the house, you must travel down fifty stairs, then making your way into the open living area. The interior of the home is fairly minimal, but when you have views as such — oh, and an insane rooftop pool — that indeed spices things up a bit. Due to the roof being made of glass, natural light brightens the residence to perfection. Very little furniture is featured in the house, again to focus on the natural beauty of the home and its surrounding landscape.

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