Opera Software in Wroclaw, Poland is known for being behind one of the world's top browsers, and now it appears as though the company is also making a bid for "best office space." Designed and executed by architecture firm mode:lina, the space integrates all the typical facets of an office space into one beautiful open-space concept.

Drawing from the Wroclaw's title as the "City of One Hundred Bridges," the space was also designed with that theme in mind, incorporating arched beams and curves into doorways. No detail was spared, the mode:lina even went as far as to drawing inspiration from Wroclaw's market hall and central railway station to produce honeycomb floor tiles and canopies.

Overall, the space gives off a very homey vibe - television sets, colorful designs and new furniture pieces at every turn allows the space to break free from the traditional office mold.

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