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Orange Vanilla Coke is the first new flavor since 2007, when the company re-released Vanilla Coke after phasing it out in 2002.

Hitting shelves across the US from February 25, the new flavor will be available in both the original and Zero Sugar lines. While Coke has experimented with many different Diet Coke flavors, the original Coke hasn’t seen a new addition in over a decade.

Coke considered other international flavor options such as raspberry, lemon, and ginger, but eventually landed on Orange Vanilla. Orange Vanilla Coke was available in Canada last summer for a limited time, and it tested well with US consumers.

Kate Carpenter, Coca-Cola’s Brand Director, reported that consumers said they would buy the new flavor in addition to the original version, thanks to its “unique and different” flavor in a market dominated by cherry. Customers can expect to see new packaging for the Cherry and Vanilla flavors, too, for a “bit of a facelift.”

What do you think about the new flavor? Will you try it, or stick with the original?

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