Who doesn’t love OrSlow? It’s a brand that you talk about in hushed, revered tones, preferably with a deep knowing nod and a pained, yet happy expression. Yeah, that kind of brand. It's just sent us images of its Fall/Winter 2015 collection, which continues where its previous collections left off. Ichiro Nakutsu’s latest work includes baseball placket cardigans, workwear-inspired jackets and denim galore in jacket, shirt and jean form.

There’s even some womenswear in the mix, and it’s done well. While menswear brand's offerings for women tend to be off (i.e. visvim's womenswear seems to be designed for someone who isn’t into visvim menswear), it’s a relief to see that OrSlow understands that someone into something as niche as its womenswear range isn’t going to want some watered-down boho-chic look.

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