A$AP Rocky’s signature Under Armour sneaker, the SRLo, was re-released yesterday following a limited drop in September. In the lead-up to the initial release, the major talk was about the similarities between Rocky and Dave Mayhew's SRLo and the Osiris D3. Brian Reid, who says he designed the D3 and not Mayhew, as has been claimed, has now spoken about the matter in an interview with FN.

In the interview, Reid reaffirms his claim to have designed the D3 with skater Tony Magnusson. “This is a shoe that Osiris never stopped selling that I designed," Reid said. "Can you imagine if they did this at Nike to Tinker Hatfield?

“What makes me laugh and cry at the same time is when I see articles from social media, trade, and other famous publications with the reach of millions talking about how Dave is a brilliant legendary shoe designer. It outright disgusts me because Dave was not there — no involvement, no emails, no phone calls, nothing. Dave wasn’t in the country, time zone, or continent.”

Reid also pointed out that Mayhew being considered the D3 designer has hurt him professionally. "He is taking credit for my life’s work, for a trade that I have been doing for 23 years, damaging my reputation and taking away from future opportunities that rightfully should be directed to me,” he said.

A$AP Rocky has been open in admitting that his design was inspired by the iconic skate shoe and said that he had worked on the project with Mayhew, who skated in the D3 at the time of its release. Rocky and Under Armour both credited Mayhew as the designer of the original sneaker.

This was refuted by Osiris on Instagram in September, which said that while Mayhew skated in the D3, he wasn’t officially the designer. According to the skate brand, Reid was indeed the man behind the shoe.

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