Our Legacy Work Shop and Artek are heading to Dover Street Market Ginza for a conceptual presentation. Several of Artek's Stool 60 Ystävä are being artistically upcycled, and costumers will be able to get their stool customized live in the shop. A range of merch will also be on sale, including a hoodie, long sleeve, and T-shirt.

Our Legacy creative director Cristopher Nying and in-house artist Hank Grüner will be present together with Founder Jockum Hallin.

"For our first collaborative work with Artek in a series to come, we have taken inspiration from our youth, school years and time spent in public spaces," Hallin said. "Elements such as carvings on the school bench top, flyers and pins from the note board, woodwork burning and graffiti tags on the public bathroom wall decorates a number of Artek Stool 60 Ystävä, applied in our signature multi technique layering."

The presentation will be October 19 in Tokyo.

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