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Swedish label Our Legacy has titled its FW19 collection "Chambre Séparée,” a reference to the private quarters that can be rented out in restaurants so guests can dine with a little more hedonism. The collection speaks to the idea of celebrations gone awry, of unbridled decadence in a formal setting.

The first thing on the Paris showroom table — glass sculptures contained in champagne cork frames to be worn as necklaces — emphasized a crossover of youthful depravation with classic refinement.

While taking us through the showroom, Our Legacy co-founder and creative director Christopher Nying explained the FW19 concept as imagining "the youth partying in more conservative contexts," and how this contrast could be realized as garments with all the collateral damage of youthful insouciance included. Nying gave us the example of catching your sleeve on a hook or doorway, tearing the fabric, and instead of fixing the damage, just kind of going with it.

Distressed elements such as purposeful rips appeared on sweaters, with patterns of smashed vases and wrinkled dresses among the womenswear. Some of the shirts, inspired by more classically Swedish menswear tropes, featured a slightly slanted pattern that suggested something highly cultivated but a little skewed in the details. For the footwear, black and white smart shoes had some generous heeling but were made using a technique that imitated the appearance of cracked porcelain.

Our Legacy FW19 will drop in June. Check out our shots of the collection above.

Also from Paris, Dries Van Noten stuns with a display of timeless menswear.

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