"Why does nobody wear their clothes properly anymore?"

It sounds like the sort of thing your granddad would say, but it's a pretty valid question when you take a look at some of the fashion week street style reports doing the rounds on the internet at the minute. Industry insiders, off-duty models and #influencer types are nonchalantly draping their clothes off their shoulders, paradoxically making a deliberate effort to look like they can't be bothered wearing their clothes properly.

It's a simple styling tip, but it fits in perfectly with the luxe-lazy trend that's been going strong for a few seasons now. Ripped jeans, baggy sweats and ugly dad sneakers are standard-issue these days, and the look seems certain to go mainstream given the disheveled vibes Kanye West served up in his YEEZY Season 5 show last week.

The styling trick has been going for a while in the womenswear world, but it goes perfectly with the grungy, disheveled vibes that streetwear is obsessed with at the minute. As well as making you look like a fashionable lazybones, the half-on-half-off look also accentuates whatever you're wearing under your outerwear.

Here's Playboi Carti showing off his adorable vest-and-neckerchief combo at NYFW, with his camo jacket barely even touching his elbows.

Of course, Kanye — a man who does nothing in half measures — has been spotted taking the styling tip next-level. Here he is wearing a hoodie with not one, but both arms completely removed from his sweater. With loose arms flailing around him like a streetwear octopus, he's basically using his hoodie as a glorified scarf at this point.

To further investigate this new steez maneuver, I hit up Nigel Minani, the youthful head of What Drops NowHighsnobiety's dedicated shopping platform. Nige has been wearing his hoodies half-off for a minute now, but rather than looking up to rap megastars, he got the trick from 2001 stoner comedy How High, starring hip-hop double whammy Redman and Method Man.

Here's a screenshot from the flick, with Method Man selecting some herb with a red Nike sweater nonchalantly draped over half of his torso.

I hit up Nigel to see the various adventurous ways you can wear outerwear without actually wearing it.

The Method Man

"Never too hot, never too cold."

The Sk8-Tie

"When you're too hot but can't let go."

The Sweater Scarf

"This is like a rapper thing. And it just looks cool."

The Street Style Pose

"The generic street style pose. As seen in front of the Vetements show."

So to answer the question, "why is nobody wearing their clothes properly anymore?," it would seem it's because it gives streetwear staples a longer shelf life and lets people do a bit more with what was once considered single-purpose clothing. So take Kanye, Carti and Nigel's advice and give it a shot.

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  • Cover Image:Eva Al Desnudo / Highsnobiety.com

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