With this storm taking over much of the East Coast, Outlier is looking to outfit you for the extreme temperatures by presenting a trio of new winter jackets. Presented are the Supermarine Slash Parka, Duckdouble Longshank, and Spray Dyed Safari Shank, each of which will become available in just a matter of days.

The Supermarine Slash Parka ($595 USD) features a windproof and water-resistant Supermarine Cotton exterior with Primaloft Infinity 120 insulation and breathable Supplex on the interior. Double slash pockets on each side then allow you to carry various items, as well as keep your hands warm.

Next up, the Duckdouble Longshank ($995 USD) finds Supima cotton yarns and Swiss woven Duckcloth coming together, as it is fully lined and hooded in Doublefine Merino. The jacket is also equipped with a shank front closure, two rear zippered vents, and five front pockets.

Lastly, the Spray Dyed Safari Shank ($995 USD) has been sprayed with a white dye to create a coarse and matte texture with a three-dimensional variance. The workcloth and shanks then ultimately make the outerwear a favorable lightweight jacket.

You can look forward to Outlier's new winter jackets arriving Tuesday, January 9.

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