For furniture maker Yohei Ishikawa, the idea of thoughtful design is central to his work at Pacific Furniture Service and not merely an afterthought. In contrast to the ever-changing pace of the fashion market, Ishikawa doesn't do things on a whim to keep step with passing trends.

His company, established in 1988 on the grounds that pre-built furniture often failed to meet his needs, is an expression of his personality and a place for him to satisfy the three requirements of good design: materials, needs and techniques.

Today, it is a furniture manufacturer-cum-retailer that produces and sells original, custom-designed pieces. Each of which rejects the ornamental and ostentatious nature of mass-produced furniture in favor of designs that reflect the characteristics of the materials used.

Alongside the furniture, Pacific also designs and produces tools, stationery and other daily staples that sit true with Ishikawa's philosophy – items built for functionality without asserting their own design or style.

On a more contemplative level, Ishikawa believes that the co-existence of creativity can help to make things better, arguing that the eruption of wars around the world can be tied to our collective differences and an inability to settle them. Encouraging diversity, rather than shunning it, can only help to widen the spectrum of new development, he says.

To see more from Pacific Furniture Service, head on over to the brand's website and check out all they have to offer---you won't be disappointed.

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