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Finish My Condo

A condo in Miami has installed a $1.5 million Pagani Zonda as a room divider, Miami Curbed reports — because who would put up a wall when a rare, fire-breathing, 750-horsepower-boasting Italian race car is an option?

Majorly pimping up their $8 million oceanfront condo, the race car appears to be floating between the 4,200-square-foot apartment’s master bedroom and living room.

It was installed by Artefacto Home Staging, who called in an exterior crane to lift the shiny beast into the condo via its balcony doors. Once inside, the car was rotated into a “custom aluminum and carbon fiber stand” that was designed to complement the car’s aerodynamics.

Check out more pictures of the Pagani Zonda-divider, and the rest of this lucky human’s Miami Condo here.

Which sexy racing car would you pick as a room divider? Sound off in the comments.

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