Panasonic has unveiled the world's first 4G monitoring camera, Nubo. It's capable of recording full 1080p HD live video from anywhere in the world with a stable network connection, without the need for WiFi.

Not only that, the Nubo also comes with infrared viewing capabilities for nighttime surveillance, and a two-way audio system. The latter means that you can hear what’s going on around the camera, as well as being able to speak through it to, say, someone burgling your house, or a friend rooting through your underwear drawer.

It'll alert you when you somebody, or something, walks in front of it, and it's capable of operating in conditions from -20º C to +40º C, including in the rain. It's powered via USB, which can be connected to an AC or an external power bank. Check out the promo video above, and then head over to Panasonic to cop for $372.

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