Pantone has launched an addictive new iPhone app aimed at Instagrammers and digital-savvy designers. The Pantone app lets users create personalized color palettes from selfies and pictures by matching hues in the photos with the 10,000 hues in Pantone's library.

The app identifies RGB, CMYK, and Hex codes and indicates appropriate color schemes to match. Users can create, test and store palettes on designs and materials, as well as share them via social media. Other handy features like the ability to name and geotag palettes, and then upload them to Photoshop and other design software via Creative Cloud also go a long way to providing what Pantone is calling the “first offering in a new digital suite of solutions for the creative industries.”

The Pantone app is geared at younger designers who can’t necessarily afford to spend hundreds of dollars on Pantone’s color swatch booklets, but it does still come at a cost. Users must pay an $8 USD monthly subscription free, or an annual fee of $60 USD to gain full access to color libraries.

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