After 200,000 votes, the final round of Best Dressed Youtuber is finally happening and you can watch Elias and Dex set the contestants their ultimate challenge above.

Competing for the title (and trophy) of Best Dressed Youtuber 2018 is Sangiev from the lightweight category, Magnus Ronning from the middleweight category, and from the heavyweight category, it's Rickey Thompson.


“Dropping out from Central Saint Martins (the one Ye’ famously couldn’t get into) in 2015, I decided textbook learning wasn’t for me. I saw a gap on YouTube for content I could relate to. The gap found a balance between high end ‘designer’ and streetwear. I felt if you wanted to watch videos on high-end fashion, you’d often end up on a major publication like Mr. Porter or GQ, whereas if you looked at streetwear, there were some great personalities delivering sick content, and it felt personal. I wanted to bring that energy to the high-end fashion scene with my own spin of vintage & formalwear. Two years later I recently packed in my part-time job and am now a full-time fashion content creator and menswear stylist.”

Magnus Ronning

“I’m a streetwear ‘YouTuber’ and I try to not take myself too seriously. Since the beginning of my channel, the content has always been about mixing internet meme-culture with streetwear and fashion. The humor stems from spending most of my wake hours when I was younger playing video games. Originally from Denmark, I moved to England in 2013 to study — but dropped out of Reading University (studying business management), after the first year to pursue content creation. Streetwear has been a strong passion of mine since I joined The Basement, and although streetwear is my main interest, I often dabble in high-end and vintage clothing.”

Rickey Thompson

“My name is Rickey Thompson, I’m 22 years old and I live in Los Angeles. I love fashion so much. I think fashion is such a great way to really express yourself. I think there are no rules to fashion; if you know how to rock it then you’re doing it right. I think I should win because I have a great personality, a good vibe, and I think I have pretty good fashion taste. If you are looking for something different from the others then vote me!”

Please have a look at some of the behind the scenes photos from the challenge warehouse.

Highsnobiety would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who voted and to PAQ for joining us in Berlin for the final round. In the same spirit promoted by our collaborators PAQ, the BDY's aren't about throwing shade or passing objective judgment, it’s about healthy competition and love of the culture. On that note, let us know who you are rooting for in the comments and do not miss the final episode of the PAQ x Highsnobiety Best Dressed Youtube Awards tomorrow at 5.00pm.

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