Nakameguro could arguably be described as the closest thing to the “Brooklyn of Tokyo,” but even that would be a disservice to the bustling area’s rich cultural offerings. Located a stone’s throw from the ritzy Daikanyama area, there are plenty of gems lining Nakameguro’s streets for foodies and fashion heads alike. Divided by a couple of waterways, navigating the area means familiarizing yourself with which bridge leads where.

One of Nakameguro’s of-the-moment shops is undoubtedly Paradise Tokyo, the flagship store of Japanese cult street fashion labels Wacko Maria and The Guilty Parties. Beyond the warm glow of the blue neon light in the front of the store, consumers can grab a caffeinated beverage and ruminate in a series of rustic stools and chairs while flipping through a variety of reading material, including a collaborative Wacko Maria x Larry Clark photo book.

Then there's the clothes. A brief description of the Wacko Maria and Guilty Parties aesthetic would be rockabilly-inspired streetwear with bits of punk bricolage, surplus and religious imagery.

Think herringbone military shirt jackets with tigers embroidered on the back or soft hoodies with the image of the Virgin Mary. While the basics program is nice, the outerwear really steals the show, from paisley parkas to painted leather jackets and instantly enviable bombers, these pieces are definitely among the priciest in the shop, but command the most attention.

Adding to the garage rock inspiration is the sprawling record collection and turntables placed in the back of the store with the cash register, as well as the on-brand shop guys with slicked-back hair and chest tattoos laced with awesome profanity. How's that for edge?

While Wacko Maria and the Guilty Parties operate as two sides of the same label, the key difference is the former line also offers an impressive selection of rockabilly suits, the kind you'd expect classic bad boys like Biff from Back to the Future to wear at the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance. Animal prints are plentiful too, as leopard prints pop up on luxe mohair sweaters for a Saint Laurent vibe, and go tonal on a navy bow tie.

If you're not in a particularly spendy mood, there are also plenty of affordable items like a simple coaches jacket, pins, lighters, mugs, and a personal favorite, cotton boxer briefs with “Guilty Parties” emblazoned on the waistband that come in a plethora of cheetah and leopard prints - though solid options are also available for people who prefer their undergarments a little less loud.

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