Legendary streetwear label Patta has only ever operated one storefront in its hometown of Amsterdam.

In an interesting turn of events, the Patta crew recently unveiled news of their fresh London outpost. Picking up where we left off with globally recognized shops like New York's VFiles, Berlin's Firmament and Vancouver's Livestock, we now turn our lens to the staff at London's newest streetwear retail location Patta.

Name: Danny Haryono Occupation: Production/Development Brands: Patta, Patta x K1X, Patta x Levi's, Patta x Vans Instagram: @datdoggiedanny

Name: Edson Sabajo Occupation: Co-founder Patta/DJ Brands: Louis Vuitton, Black Scale, Pasta Fly, Lotta, 18K Gold, Ray-Bans, PUMA Instagram: @edsonsabajo

Name: Timothy Sabajo Occupation: Store manager Brands: Polo Ralph Lauren, Patta, Nike Instagram: @timpatta

Name: Lion Kojo Occupation: Content manager Brands: Patta, Morrison Schiffmacher x NIPPON, Toto blaauw x NIPPON, Appelsap x NIPPON, Levi's Skateboard, Polar Skate Co., Nike Instagram: lionlbk

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