Amid all the furor surrounding Kendall Jenner's offensive and disastrous Pepsi commercial, the little thing that made it even worse was that Pepsi ads are usually pretty good. The company famously spend millions on advertising, and are always tapping the biggest stars.

To remind yourself of Pepsi's better days, and to cleanse your mind of Jenner's protest co-opting mess, here are five Pepsi commercials that don't suck.

These commercials have it all — from classic Britney in all her early 2000s glory, to Cindy Crawford sweating it out in the desert. There's also an extremely cool Bowie and Tina Turner science-themed dance party, and, of course, the fantastic Michael Jackson commercial in which "Pepsi Generation" somehow fits seamlessly into the tune of "Billie Jean."

Check them out below.

Michael Jackson, 1984

Alongside the obviously great music, this video also features Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air dancing along with MJ and the rest of the Jackson 5. Doing the shoot wasn't as fun as it looks, though —Michael Jackson's hair was accidentally set on fire and the singer suffered third degree burns.

Britney Spears, 2001

If Pepsi had a golden age, it was definitely the early 2000s. The above Britney video encapsulates everything that is great about Britney, Pepsi, and, most importantly — the era's obsession with unflattering low-rise jeans.

Cindy Crawford, 1991

While this Cindy Crawford ad seems a little dated now, its slightly off-color joke about the objectification of women is still better than Jenner's hopeless attempt at being woke.

David Bowie and Tina Turner, 1987

There's so much greatness packed into this one-minute commercial it's hard to get your head around it. In it, Bowie plays a scientist who somehow prints Tina Turner in 3D. The two legends then proceed to dance around Pepsi signs and basically have the best time.

Beyoncé, 2013

Honestly, this list could almost be made entirely of Beyoncé ads. The singer has been repping Pepsi hard for a while now, but we settled on her latest to prove that the brand's good days aren't behind them.


After you've finished, watch Stephen Colbert's hilarious takedown of Kendall Jenner's ad.

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