Animal rights activist group PETA has made itself famous for shock tactics, so it should come as no surprise that the organization's latest ad – which was set to debut during the Super Bowl– has been banned from TV.

The ad, which propagates the merits of veganism, features a split screen video of two couples having sex. The first couple wrap things up within a few seconds because the dude in the equation seems to suffer from premature ejaculation, while the second couple seem to be able to pound away forever without chafing.

If that sounds like a Viagra advert to you that's because it pretty much is. The words "MEAT EATER" and "VEGAN" are unsubtly overlaid over the respective couples, suggesting that veganism will imbue you with the relentless endurance of Rocco Siffredi.

The advert then concludes with the carnivorous dude (presumably) dying after a falling air conditioning unit drops onto his skull as he's walking down the street. It's not clear whether the commercial was banned because of the implied mutilation, the sex, or because it's better suited for the toilet bowl than the Super Bowl.

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