Yesterday, it was announced that cult British artist Peter Saville had designed the trophy for Pornhub's second annual awards ceremony.

Best-known for designing the album art for Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures and the unreleased cover art for New Order (that Kanye’s YEEZUS album art was an homage to), Saville isn’t the first person you’d associate with Pornhub, as even he admits.

“Pornhub approached me with an invitation to conceive an award design — the unexpected nature of the request was intriguing to me and I was excited to give it a try,” Saville explains.

Yet his appointment reflects Pornhub’s continued moves towards cultural relevancy. Last year, the brand tapped Kanye West to direct its first-ever award show, and this year sees Bad Bunny, Ian Isiah, Kali Uchis, Rico Nasty, and Tommy Genesis all set to perform at the event.

We caught up with Saville to talk about how the unexpected project came together. Scroll through his answers below.

Your design references the hormones involved with sexual arousal. Can you explain more specifically what is being communicated with this design?

I wanted to communicate the fact that our desires are ultimately the inevitable consequence of our biological chemistry.

You've worked with cutting edge figures that have gone on to define the zeitgeist over the course of your career. Do you consider pornography, or perhaps Pornhub specifically, to be on the cutting edge of culture right now?

At any given time, every sector of our culture has players who are intent on pushing the boundaries - arguably, Pornhub are one of those at this time.

What did you learn from this experience about the porn industry that surprised you?

After 50 years observing it nothing surprises me anymore about the Porn industries.

You've worked with many influential artists across various industries and mediums. Do you consider pornography an artistic medium and are there certain performers you would consider artists?

It is not art, but then it's not not art. And certainly there have been some great performers and producers who are not legends by chance.

Did you see what Kanye West did when he served as creative director for the first awards show? If so, did his direction inspire your creative approach in any way?

Though perhaps not immediately evident there are actually some similarities between our approaches, which of course is not surprising as we both share a concern for the feeling of the now.

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