For those in New York who've never heard of Philipp Plein before, well, they sure as hell do now. Last night, the German designer made his Stateside fashion week debut for his eponymous gaudy streetwear label, taking over the New York Public Library in what resulted in an absurdly epic (and expensive) affair.

Keeping with the designer's penchant for eye-numbing aesthetics and luxury trimmings, the event was a larger than life spectacle loaded with a slew of celebrity catwalk cameos, street performers, Page Six-worthy front row guests and free booze shenanigans.

Here's everything that went down.

'Murica Will Rise Again

This season was all about European designers showing their love for the Land of Stars and Stripes as they made their Stateside debuts. Raf Simons sent a love letter to the Big Apple, a place he now calls home, when he presented his eponymous label during New York Fashion Week: Men's. His American narrative continued with his inaugural collection for Calvin Klein, where the Belgian tapped the Wild West and Lynchian Americana.

Plein was a bit more, let's go with "grandiose," with his USA-themed homage. For his FW17 show, the designer transformed the New York Public Library into a full-blown tourist trap extravaganza complete with street performers in Statue of Liberty costumes, an Elvis Presley impersonator, cotton candy machines and, of course, Times Square's infamous Naked Cowboy.

Celebrity Apocalypse

Similar to Alexander Wang, Philipp Plein is a designer with but a few celebrity contacts on speed dial. Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Cardi B and Paris Hilton were just a handful of notable names in attendance (most of whom were late, hence the show's tardy start time).

Nas opened the show with a performance of "If I Ruled the World," followed by a mini-concert from early aughts rock band, The Kills, who took the stage once the models marched out onto the catwalk. The real stunners, however, were the ones who actually walked the show.

Young Thug, Fetty Wap and Desiigner made up the cast's rapper roster (not totally unusual) followed by emo icon and Fall Out Boy member, Pete Wentz (completely bonkers).

But the real star of the show was none other than Jeremy Meeks, aka "Prison Bae" – you know, the guy who became a viral sensation after his mugshot circulated the internet back in 2014, making countless cyberspace dwellers swoon from his brooding good looks. People seriously went nuts over this dude, bum rushing the crowd when the felon-turned-model exited the venue post-show...the clout of internet memes are real, y'all.

Free Booze Galore

Fashion folk were cheated out of an after party from Alexander Wang this season, whose now legendary post-show shindigs are probably one of the biggest highlights of the season for fashion week regulars. Plein, however, brought the juice with a no-expense-spared soiree filled with hot dog stands, bumper cars, glaring neon signs, inflatable American bald eagles and, of course, four bars stocked with copious amounts of alcohol.

From the mall couture fashions on display and clouds of Axe spray that filled the air to the cheesy tourist hacks and glowing faces of people who probably call the tanning salon their second home, the whole affair was one big walking American stereotype that masked itself under the facade of a fashion show; like a diamond-encrusted Big Gulp served at a 5-star Hooters where everyone owns a Cadillac and a time share in Miami.

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