If you ever left your smartphone or electronic devices under the sun for too long by accident, you'll notice that it overheats and essentially causes higher battery consumption or damage.

Upstart label PHOOZY has the solution to prevent your Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone or Google Pixel device from temperature damage with this thermal capsule simply dubbed, the PHOOZY.

Noted as the world's first thermal capsule designed to protect your smartphone from high heat and low-freezing temperatures, the PHOOZY is comprised of spacesuit technology developed to protect astronauts in the harsh environments of space.

Its patent-pending design incorporates Chromium-infused material in its outer shell, which is a proprietary material engineered to protect astronauts from solar radiation. Beneath the ultra lightweight shell is a complex matrix of layered materials that provide impact resistance and buoyancy, which means that it can float on the water too.

Available for Apple iPhones, Google, Samsung and other devices, you can find this at PHOOZY's official website now.

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