This November, a storefront in Tokyo presented an exciting new concept for supplying art materials. Dubbed "Pigment," the shop specializes in exactly what it is named after, pigments. In fact, it boasts over 4,000 unique tints.

Designed by the masters of space curation at Warehouse TERRADA, Pigment helps breathe new life into the world of art supplies.

The shop also seeks to support the preservation of age-old art techniques with a selection of hard-to-find tools including "washi" paper and "sumi" ink sticks. In the future, the site will also play  host to workshops by art professors and manufacturers that will aim to renew young interest in traditional art methods.

The design of the store itself is beautiful, and features slotted wood ceilings, plenty of natural elements, and open spaces to create an environment of imagination.

If you're not in Tokyo you can browse the supply of pigments and rare supplies here.

Words by George Ocampo for Selectism 

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