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PINTRILL, the leading pin accessory brand, is embarking on a new journey in the form of a specialty pen label dubbed PENTRILL.


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Launching this weekend, PENTRILL will offer a variety of pens, including numerous colorways and vintage pens, as well as a custom bar that allows customers to choose from a selection of colors and assemble their own PENTRILL pen. Prices range from $2 to $5 USD, as the pens will be available at 231 Grand Street in Brooklyn, New York for a limited time only. You’ll also be able to shop T-shirts and notepads, beginning Sunday, April 1.

In speaking on the new initiative, Jordan Roschwalb, creator of PENTRILL, says, “I love collecting things. For a long time I’ve collected pens, some souvenir pens from places I’ve traveled and others from local restaurants and businesses. I just like the idea that it is a tool that most people use in one way or another. The pen is one size fits all and is entirely unisex.”

COMING SOON • 4/1 ? @pentrill_

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