Pixar is known for its animated blockbuster classics like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, and UP, with all of them as equally heartwarming as they as they heartwrenching. But what isn't quite so well known is the fact that with each big full-length feature movie, Pixar also drops an accompanying short film — three of which have won academy awards for Best Animated Short.

For the release of Finding Dory, the studio made a truly adorable six-minute short titled Piper. It's about a cute baby Sandpiper bird trying to become self-efficient, fighting against the waves of the sea in a quest to find food. At first it is overcome by the power of the sea and, traumatized by its experience, appears scared and in need of its mother. But, through the help of a hermit crab, Piper then discovers a whole new world under the waves.

Now Finding Dory has finally been released on Blu-ray and DVD, Piper has made its way online. Check it out above, but be warned, none of the streams available so far are entirely official, so it may be removed at any time.

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