The dark, twisted world of Black Mirror is one step closer to being real. Well, at least the nightmarish pizza truck from the "Crocodile" episode is.

During CES 2018 this week, tech giants like Sony, Samsung, and LG are showcasing their futuristic gadgets and projects, but somehow Pizza Hut is making headlines for its new delivery project. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the pizza chain teamed up with Toyota to introduce their new "autonomous delivery concept vehicle" that has an eerie resemblance to the Netflix show.


So, in the "Crocodile" episode of season four, a self-driving pizza truck causes all the trouble including the death of four people, including a baby! Thanks to Pizza Hut, that haunting truck might be coming to life! It'll now be in the back of our minds each time we emoji-order a pepperoni pie for delivery.

Many fans took to Twitter to call out the similar comparison to from Pizza Hut and Black Mirror. Even the Netflix series commented on the situation.

Here's what a few fans have to say on Pizza Hut's new delivery truck.

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