Gone are the days of simply asking the Pizza Hut staff for a "Pepperoni," a "Hawaiian," or a staple "Margherita" - now it's all about the "?," the "???," and the "??." That's because a new menu at select restaurants in the United Kingdom now lets you order your food using only emojis.

Six restaurants in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff are currently offering the emoji menu, but grandmas across the country needn't fret – a regular Roman alphabet version is still available upon request.

The most obvious translations use a pineapple, a pig, and a surfer to represent a Hawaiian pizza, while a less clear menu item depicts a crown, a rooster, and a drumstick. The menu is to celebrate "World Emoji Day," and will remain in place until Sunday, July 17.

This is isn't the first time Pizza Hut has used a clever marketing gimmick. Late last year the chain unveiled it's first ever clothing line, "Pizza Hut Swag." Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Burger King just unleashed the Mac n' Cheetos.

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