Artist Christopher Guinet (aka Monsieur Plant) has created a new photo series in which a range of Apple Mac computers are transformed into tiny living tech gardens.

The strangely beautiful project, titled "Plant Your Mac," is supposed to remind us of the constant conflict between technology and nature. “Plant Your Mac is a project I had in mind for a while," Guinet told PetaPixel. "I worked in a creative agency with a team that was sat all day in front of their Macs, and I realized that we tend to forget the reality in front of our machines. Planting your Mac is a way for me to convey a message by reminding people that nature exists. Let’s not forget it through technology.”

Each photo in the series is completely "real," meaning they're not Photoshop creations and all of the plants are living. Understandably, each single composition took three days to create from start to finish. “Each model is adapted to the requirements of plants,” says Guinet. “The system of irrigation, the substrate… all are important elements for the plants.”

Take a look at the series above.

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